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Started in the year 2001 as a single company insurance agency, over the period we have gained enough expertise and have now evolved as a professional insurance advisory with a team of certified insurance advisors and offer a wide range of insurance products that suits your needs and budget.
Insurance as such is a complex product with around 20 insurance companies each offering a variety of products and changing ever so often.
As an individual it will be difficult for you to understand the intricacies of the product. Hence you need a specialized professional service provider who guides you by his unbiased and professional advice and own’ s up to it.
Insurance can’t be equated with many products brought online, as it may involve lot of technicalities and you may end up diverting your precious time and end up buying the wrong product. As such leave it to the professionals.Contact us, and we will be happy to serve you.

1. Unbiased , personal advice
2. Best Rates
3. Prompt service
4. Claims assistance
5. Post policy service
6. Wide range of plans
7.Doorstep service.

Our services-
1.Motor insurance
Private car
Two Wheeler
Passenger carrying vehicle
Goods carry vehicle
Only third party insurance
2. Health insurance
3. Travel insurance
4. Home insurance
5. Corporate
1. Transit
2. Asset /Property insurance
3. Officers & Directors liability
4. Loss of profit/ liability
5. Employee health & Accidental insurance

1. As per the Motor vehicles act any vehicle plying on the road should have at least a third party insurance.
2. If you have purchased a used vehicle, it’s not enough that you transfer your ownership in the RC Card, you should also transfer the insurance in your name.
3. You can transfer the existing no claim bonus on sale of your existing car to a new car you are buying.
4. It’s not mandatory to buy insurance from the showroom on your new car purchase .You can get a better rate on purchase from any service provider.
5. You can preserve your no claim bonus up to a period of 90 days from the date of expiry of the policy.

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